Terms of Service

a refund - msg me on discord 'notvexeud')

Also note. You MUST check the status page on here before buying. Make sure you know what you are buying.

If you encounter issues with the product - Please read through the instructions provided carefully and look for a fix. If you still cannot fix the issue, join the discord and open a 'Technical Support' Ticket.

You understand that the use of software always has a risk of a ban. You have read the features and requirements carefully and understand the hardware/software required to run this product. You understand that even if the risk is low there is still a risk. You understand the product you have bought and You understand software can become detected at any point during your subscription purchase. Any account damage caused is not this organisations fault as you full knowingly knew the risks and consequences involved with using software. Refunds are not applicable under most circumstances, you were made aware of the risks. Compensation of accounts and other hardware is not applicable. The Hidden Marketplace is not to be held liable.

This is a payment for a virtual goods. Physical shipment is not required. You understand that this is a non-refundable transaction. By sending this payment, You agree that you have already received the item and you are pleased with the purchase and the item is as described. You agree to the following: 'I will not chargeback as the transaction is complete. I confirm that I am the owner of this PayPal account and I authorize this payment as I continue to proceed with the payment. If I chargeback, it would be considered to be fraud/scam.'


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